13 August 2010

Reusable UPS Envelope

The whole world is turning green and I say its about time. UPS has redesigned and reintroduced its Reusable Express Envelopes. The envelopes come with two adhesive strips so you can send along another document in the same envelope once you have opened it. UPS wrote the following about their Reusable Express Envelopes:
UPS Reusable Express Envelopes have always been a great addition to your company's conservation efforts: They're more convenient for your customers than ordinary envelopes, and they're better for the environment. But now, reusable envelopes – available in both letter and legal sizes – have a color to match their purpose.

Redesigned and made from 100 percent recycled fiber with 80 percent post-consumer content, Reusable Express Envelopes reduce waste by allowing documents to be sent and returned in the same packaging. Now your customers won't need to locate an envelope to return documentation to you, increasing convenience and possibly reducing delays.

When recipients are ready to return documents to you, they simply place a new label (perhaps one that you've included in the original shipment) on top of the old one and reseal the envelope.

You can use, reuse and recycle this envelope. It makes economic and environmental sense.
I am glad to see UPS stepping it up. I look forward to the USPS doing the very same soon. Together by taking small measures we can make a change to the global warming issues that are facing us all.

(via Cool Hunting)

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