30 August 2012

The Dieline Forum: LA 2012

The Dieline has a great one day experience coming up on October 12th in Los Angeles, The Dieline Forum.  The day will be filled with the experience and knowledge from leaders in the world of package design.  The day's line up includes seven speakers and a networking happy hour at the end of the day.
Join expert package design innovators at this inspiring, information-packed one-day event addressing the specific challenges and opportunities unique to packaging designers, and graphic designers who want to expand their skills into packaging. You'll discover new ways to do great work on a tight budget, reinvent your brand, create meaningful design, and delve into the mind of the consumer. You'll mingle, share ideas, network, and make valuable connections with attendees and Forum speakers.
If you register by Friday, September 31 you can receive "early bird" pricing. To learn more visit The Dieline Form site to register and learn more about the great line up of speaker.  I hope to see you there.

26 August 2012

Remembering Neil Armstrong

To ride among the stars and walk on the moon have been experienced by few and Neil Armstrong was the first to complete that mission.  Neil Armstrong, along with the entire Apollo 11 crew, showed the world what can be accomplished by taking a small step.  Neil Armstrong had the courage to bravely believe in the future of man and demonstrate for all what we can accomplish when we work together as a nation.

Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

08 August 2012

Play Where's The London Olympic Logo

Much talk was made when London showcased the logo for the 2012 games.  Much of the talk was not extremely positive, myself included, on the outcome of a £400,000 branding system.  Well now that the games are well underway we get to see the logo use in action, well sort of.  It seems the use of the logo has been downplayed at the games.  Fast Company has an interesting article about its use and not.  So with the few remaining days of TV coverage, it time to play where is the logo and see how often you see it.

06 August 2012

Olympic Posters

The Creative Bloq has a survey of the 10 best Olympic poster designs. The blog post has an excellent background on each poster. I hope you are enjoying the events. I seem to not be able to stop watching.