29 October 2010

Tidying Up Art - Ursus Wehrli

Ever wonder how art might look if it was tidied up just a little? Enjoy this TED talk by Ursus Wehrli on how a Swiss might solve this problem in a funny and entertaining manner.

28 October 2010

Horror Film Posters

Enjoy this mash up of Horror Film posters to get you in the mood for Halloween this weekend. Which your favorite Horror Film of all time?

22 October 2010

Lead Like The Great Conductors - Itay Talgam

Leadership has many faces. Watch an learn how you can make music out of noise as a leader.

Remembering- Paul Yarmoluk

"Hospitality- the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers."

This terms defined my dear friend, Paul Yarmoluk, who died earlier this month on October 2, 2010 from a fight with cancer.

Paul grew up in Ontario, Canada in a family hotel business which set the stage for his later life. Paul was known in the culinary and hospitality industry for his many project developments and leadership roles working with such companies as the El Torito Grill, Fuddruckers and Vic Stewarts. If you have ever had those wonderful hot tortillas with sweet butter and salsa at the El Torito Grill, that was an example of Paul's tasty handy work.

I came to know Paul while he was developing the culinary program at the Art Institute of California - Orange County. I was working as the director of the graphic design when Paul came on board. We became instant friends and someone you could always count on.

This was Paul, a friend to all and a man with a huge heart. A heart for his friends and a huge heart for his family. He talked often of how proud he was of his kids and discussions of his granddaughter would bring the biggest smile to his face. Paul was the kind of man that gave his all to his workers, his students, his family and friends. You could always count on Paul telling a story and a joke to start the day and looking out for others. It was always a pleasure to spend time with Paul, working or over a drink on a Friday afternoon to finish off the week. I also worked with Paul on numerous design projects over the last 9 years and each was a pleasure. Time with Paul was time well spend.

Paul "got it"; in business and with people, providing a friendship and generosity that will be truly remembered and missed.

20 October 2010

Living in Color

The country in color photographs from 1939-1943 are shown in an exhibit by the Library of Congress titled, Bound for Glory: America in Color. The images are a collection of color transparencies (Kodachrome) taken by the Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information. These images are remarkable and mundane at the same time, showing life in an era after the Great Depression and at the start of WWII. We see everyday life and the build up of the military might, industry and rural life creating a look of America not often seen and even more rare in color. To see the full collection of images go to this link at the Library of Congress and enjoy the beauty of life through color.

13 October 2010

A Day of Good

It is not often all the world comes together for good but today we all witnessed an amazing rescue in Chile. This effort to save the 33 miners trapped in the Chile mine for 2+ months demonstrates how hope and goodwill can triumph over adversity resulting in a remarkable outcome. Today is one of those days where all the world is humane to each other; kind, understanding and loving. Today was life's drama played out with the happiest of ending.

11 October 2010

A Collection a Day, 2010

Collecting is something I think many of us designers do. For most of us, they end up as a pile in a box or sitting on a book shelf. So what do you do with your collections and how to you showcase what you have accumulated over the years. One designer, Lisa Congdon from San Francisco, has decided to photograph and occasionally paint or draw her many collections to exhibit one a day for the whole year of 2010. That is a ton of collecting but as a series they give us a reflexion into Lisa's life, loves and experiences. Lisa Congdon's Collection a Day, 2010 has it's self become a wonderful collection that is visually appealing, informative and fun. To view the whole of her collections from this year, go to this site.

07 October 2010

3 Years aNEW

It has been 3 years and 594 post since I began this trip into the world of blogging. Looking back it has been fun and I have learned that keeping this blog has been a good source of inspiration from time to time. I have made a few new friends and caught up with others over these 3 years. Readership is up from our first day of one reader and I have been posting on a regular basis between getting lost in some awesome websites. The blog has a twitter feed and I at times tweet a word or so. Overall, 3 is a good age and I continue to look forward to more to come. Thank you readers and those that have left comments (even the Russian stripper whose comments I had to delete, sorry) these past years. Cheers.

01 October 2010

Pentawards 2010 - Best In Packaging

The 2010 Pentawards have been announced for the best in package design from around the world. Included in the awards are great examples of the fine package design work that is being done worldwide. On the Pentawards site you can get information on the products and agencies (including links) that created the works. Be sure to look at the full line of winners at the Pentawards website for inspiration on your next package design.