31 December 2010

Random Photo #55 - Last of 2010

As the sun sets on the West Coast it also sets on another year and so we say goodbye to 2010.

30 December 2010

May The Type Force Be With You

I received information from Sabrina Di Gergorio at H-57 Creative Station in Milan who created these great type based "Star Wars" posters.
We have created 3 posters using typefaces, which is one of our greatest passions. The posters, as you can see from the pictures that the allegations, are Darth Vader, Yoda and Stormtrooper, 3 characters from Star Wars.

This is a particular interpretation of the characters obtained using different typefaces and only letters, to compose the picture.
We've made just to show our love and passion for design and typography, and, secondly, our love for the Star Wars saga.
Currently it looks like they are working out the bugs to go retail with these posters. They are sure to make a nice addition to your design studio for the upcoming year and show your love for all things type. Please check their website for information about there release.

May the Type Force be with you in the coming year.

29 December 2010

Santa Needed a Drink

I guess after the week he had even Santa enjoys a nice Stella to relax. I hope your week is just as relaxing.

28 December 2010

College Sports Logos

We are in the middle of Bowl Season now with the top college teams battling it out for bragging rights and hero status for their schools. There is an excellent collection of sport logos including college teams and bowl logos put together by SportsLogos.net by Chris Creamer. The logos that are presented are the current logos and logos used in the past so this make for a great reference of the evolution of sports logos over the years. So if you are in the need for inspiration, a logo for a bowl party or just want to show your college spirit, make sure you check out this vast site of logos. Enjoy and my your favorite team go all the way.

27 December 2010

East Coast Blizzard 2010 - Time Lapse

While the West Coast is drying out from a week of rain, this moisture has now dumped a foot or more of snow on the East Coast. Enjoy this from Belmar, New Jersey resident Michael Black who created an amazing time-lapse video documenting the huge snowfall. Let's hope my East Coast friends dig out and stay warm with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

(via AllTop)

24 December 2010

Happy Holiday

We wish you a happy holiday that is safe and fully of bright lights. It's fun to look at the lights.

20 December 2010

How Photographs Connect Us

During this time of year where it seems everyone is smiling for the camera, I wanted to share this TED talk by the photo director for National Geographic, David Griffin.

17 December 2010

Last Minute Holiday List

If you are a procrastinator, and you know who your are, take a look at this list that will sure to please the designers or designer types in your life.
Swiss Army Knife
One can never be without a good knife that can get you our of those MacGyver moments. The best one going is always a Swiss Army Knife. Functional, full of style and lets everyone know you are someone that can solve their problems.

iPhone Lens
I have been loving the quality of the photos I take with my iPhone over the last year. But if you are looking to add that certain something something to your photos, check out this Fisheye and Wide Angle Lens designed to work on your iPhone. It looks fab and I will have to try and get one myself.

Type T-Shirts
The good folks over at the TypographyShop have been making Type T-Shirts that say it all. The designs are simple and modern and show the world well, YOU LOVE TYPE. What designer does not want to show you give a damn and get it when it come to type. Check out a complete line for men, women, and little future designers at the TyprographyShop. Go ahead and live life sans serif.

Paula Scher Maps at 20X200
One of my favorite designers, Paula Scher, has her work available now for a price we can all afford at 20X200. 20X200 has great art that is available to all. You have to check out the site to see the art and photos that are sure to give your space a designer look and still allow you to have left over money to enjoy a holiday drink.

Little People
Love all things small and you will want these images. Street artist Slinkachu has produced these great photos of little people living lives in a big world. He has a book available and images for sale on the site. Well worth the look for inspiration and a smile.

Field Notes Books
A good designer must keep notes and ideas in a place that is convenient and easy to carry. The prefect solution is the Field Notes Brand designed by Draplin Designs, from Portland, Oregon in conjunction with Coudal Partners of Chicago, Illinois. These books will keep your ideas organized and make you look like a designer that you want to be.

Letterpress Cards and Posters
My English friend, Justin Knopp at Typoretum, has several wonderful letterpress items for sale on his site. Justin is a master at the letterpress and produces work that will show you why we love this craft so much. Each item is a small production run and crafted with the most experience and passionate eye for typography. Work from Justin Knopp at Typoretum will become items that you cherish for years to come.

Go French
I have a special place in my heart for France after living there for a year. My Paris living friend, Anne Ditmeyer of the PretaVoyager fame, has worked up a holiday list for the Francophile on the wonderful Design*Sponge site. The list includes fashion, art and home goods that will have you saying Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année tres vite.

I hope everyone has a joyous holiday season and a happy new year!!

10 December 2010

Designs of the Decade - IDSA

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) has announced the Designs of the Decade. The round up includes Target's ClearRX designed by Deborah Adler, Herman Miller's Setu chair, and Defibtech's Lifeline Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) among others. To view the complete list and narratives go to the IDSA's Designs of the Decade site.

01 December 2010

Happy Hanukkah

Happy First Night of Hanukkah. May the next eight nights be happy and joyous with family and friends.

30 November 2010

Random Photo #53 Sequoia National Park

Even the tall trees of Sequoia National Park fall after hundreds of years of growth.

Flying High - History of Airships

(My image of the Tustin Airbase Blimp Hanger, CA)

The vision of flight has been with mankind since the earliest of times. The development of flight was first achieved in balloons and airships prior to winged airplanes. Floating and moving so slowly above the ground, airships where a principle means to transport people and a military use early in the 1900s. I found this excellent website and blog, Airships: The Hindenburg and Other Zeppelins that gives a history of these vehicles. The site also has collected wonderful images from the period of airships and crews. This site is well worth a visit from an educational perspective, the design of airships and the rich photographs. Airships: will inspire and enrich.

In modern times, most of our experiences are with the Goodyear blimp flying high above a sporting event giving us an unique view of the game. Today, airships are also making a slow comeback for tourist use so all can experience the form of flight from groups such as Airship Ventures. Plan your adventure and if you take a flight, I would love to see photos. Someday I hope to myself take a scenic tour on a blimp, it has long been a desire to float above and view the world at a pace you can enjoy.

23 November 2010

Random Photo #52 Showing Off

I spotted this yacht in Newport Beach, CA. If you put a helicopter on your yacht are showing off? I am leaning towards a big YES in this case.

19 November 2010

Seeing The World Through Maps

I wanted to pass along this great online resource for historical maps from around the world. The University of Texas at Austin has digitized a vast collection of maps to form the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. This map collection covers the world from the Polar caps to Countries to Cities. All of the collection is presented in an easy to use format for locating just what you want. The site also includes a series of links to additional map sites for reference.

These maps are wonderful ways to not only explore the world and the history behind it but to examine type and graphic elements from the past. An added bonus is that most of the maps scanned by the University of Texas Libraries are in the public domain. Take some time and see the world, you will be informed and educated by the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection.

18 November 2010


Somedays all the SPAM emails seem to never end and it only seems to be getting worse.

Dear SPAM senders,

I don't need a hip replacement at this time, my college degrees are up to date, and thanks but no thanks for the various gift cards. You see, last week I inherited several million dollars from some guy I have never heard of in Africa. The check should be in the mail so I will be able to buy what I need with that million dollar inheritance.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Money Bags

17 November 2010

Seattle's Best, I Mean Generic.

Branding design is by definition to help communicate a company's values, history, services, expectations, etc to it's consumer audience. I believe if you have a brand that is strong and have loyal customers, well, when you develop brand changes you do so as to not confuse your consumers.

The good folks at Seattle's Best Coffee, which is owned by Starbucks, I believe took a "new" look too far. Seattle's Best Coffee had a friendly feel with its past logo (bottom), the new (top), goes to the world of "generic design" that no longer communicates a vision of good coffee. Looking at the new logo the other day, I was not sure what it was for, was that a blood drop, a water drop, a toilet? Don't get me wrong, I love clean design, heck my logo is very simple, but I am not selling coffee and my logo is not known like this Seattle's Best Coffee. The new mark becomes one of the hundreds now, not one of a few that it was prior. If the goal was to differentiate Seattle's Best Coffee from Starbucks and allow it to be sold in Burger King and compete with McDonalds, well that was successful. It was successful at becoming more of the same in the world of quick coffee. The logo works if I am looking forward to a kid pushing a button on a fancy machine to make me a mocha. I believe the logo does not work for the price point of "designer" coffee but the next time I am seeking out a generic cup of coffee, Seattle's Best will come to the top of my mind.