25 August 2010

The Beatles LOVE - The Mirage Las Vegas

Late last month I had the pleasure of seeing The Beatles LOVE at the Mirage Las Vegas. This show is Vegas grand with the Cirque du Soleil troupe taking your breath away. I have loved the music of The Beatles since I was a child and seeing it put to the acrobatic feats of Cirque du Soleil makes a combination that can't be beat. The show's excitement starts with the first chord that surrounds you in an envelope and does not stop until you are breathless at the end of the show. The performers take you on a magical journey from an England at war to first love. Intermixed with amazement and moments of humor you find yourself singing along to the sounds of the 60s that The Beatles so timelessly created. Mix together some of the greatest rock songs ever created with moments that amaze equates to a night you wish you could experience weekly. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" but The Beatles LOVE will be an experience that stays with you long after you return home.

The Beatles LOVE is playing at the Mirage in Las Vegas and is one show you should not miss.

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