29 May 2009

ArtWalk Miracle Mile 2009 Los Angeles

This weekend 12-8. Museums are FREE, art galleries, good times. Learn more at the LACMA site here. Look for me in the afternoon.

America is F*cked...Graphically

America Is F*cked.......(Graphically at least)
Hear Aaron Draplin of the famous Draplin Design Co. and Field Notes Brand books tell why he thinks America is f*cked graphically. I have to agree with what Aaron says and say let FIX it together. Designers unite, do good stuff and have a good weekend!

28 May 2009

Bueller, Bueller

Live in the house of fame from Ferris Bueller's Day Off for only $2.3M in Highland Park, Illinois, designed by modernist masters A. James Speyer and David Haid. The home is best known as Cameron Frye's house in Ferris Bueller's Day Off where Ferris took the 1961 Ferrari for a "test" drive. View the home's listing if you have any money left over from this past year.

Via Design Observer via Brett Yasko.

Emergency WWF Ads

Great images and thoughtful ads for the World Wildlife Fund on global warming.
These great ads via Inspriation & Ideas Feeders.

27 May 2009

GIVEAWAY- Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight Posters

I am happy to announce a giveaway of posters and a book to help promote the film, Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight. The folks from Arthouse Films have send me two autographed posters signed by Milton Glaser from the film and a copy of his book, Drawing is Thinking to pass along.

To have a chance to WIN, please leave a comment on why you "heart" Milton Glaser below with your contact info should you win or send me an email, danny at anewdesigns.com with the subject "Milton Giveaway". I will pick three random winners on June 8th.

Update on show times to view the film:
New York City: Cinema Village, May 22nd
San Francisco: The Roxie, June 19th
Boston: MFA, July 2nd
Chicago: Gene Siskel Film Center, June 12th
Denver: Starz Film Center, June 12th
Albuquerque: Guild Cinema June 27th and 28th
Las Vegas: AIGA June 18th

To read more about the film, check out my earlier posts here.

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26 May 2009

Dorothea Lange Images

Dorothea Lange, a pioneer in American photography, was born this day May 26, 1895. She was an influential photojournalist, best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration (FSA). Lange brought a human face to the Great Depression with images of rural farming areas. After her work for the FSA, she continued to work and grow in notoriety. With the out break of WWII, Dorothea documented images of US internment camps of US citizen's with Japanese heritage. Her images where impounded by the US Army at the time. Dorothea went on to help find Aperture magazine. Dorothea Lange died on October 11, 1965. She was a women ahead of her time and captured life in some of our toughest of times.

To learn more about Dorothea Lange and view images, be sure to visit The Getty and the Library of Congress.

Thanks to The Getty for the tweet. Images via The Getty.

24 May 2009

Memorial Day Remembered

This Memorial Day, take a few moments to pay homage to those that have bravely served us in the military presently and in the past. To learn more on the history of Memorial Day that has its start from the Civil War, go to this link at the HistoryChannel. The photos above are from the National Cemetery at the Presido in San Francisco and below taken in Washington DC.

Photography by Daniel Gross

Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight - Trailer

MILTON GLASER: TO INFORM AND DELIGHT: Movie Trailer - Funny blooper videos are here
Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delights is now showing around the country. Enjoy this trailer of the film. I have posted several show dates in a prior post.

Look for the GIVEAWAY coming Tuesday for your chance to win one of two autographed posters of the film by Milton Glaser himself or a copy of his newest book, Drawing is Thinking.

22 May 2009

London Underground Maps

Check out this site with a history and collection of vintage London Underground Maps. The images are wonderful in the study of transportation maps. See it all at A History of the London Tube Maps.

21 May 2009

Sagmeister on PBS's Roadtrip Nation

Enjoy this video of Sagmeister from the good folks over at Roadtrip Nation, a PBS show. Thanks to Kirstin McLatchie, a past student of mine who is working as an Art Director for Roadtrip Nation.

Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight - Show Times

I am excited to announce several show times for the film, Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight since my last post on this subject.

New York City: Cinema Village, May 22nd
San Francisco: The Roxie, June 19th
Boston: MFA, July 2nd
Chicago: Gene Siskel Film Center, June 12th
Denver: Starz Film Center, June 12th

The film covers the 60 year career of the greatest and most influential graphic designer / illustrator working today through personal interviews of Milton and others that have worked and know him during this time. Milton's work always shows his endearing passion for art and history, his commitment to problem solving, and his dedication to his clients.

I have read several reviews on-line about the film, Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight, and they have all been outstanding. The film is directed by Wendy Keys and being released nationwide by ArtHouse Films.

Look for the GREAT MILTON GIVEAWAY next week in conjunction with the staff for Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight. The giveaway will include Milton's newest book, Drawing is Thinking, and two autographed posters by Milton Glaser himself. Stay tuned!

20 May 2009

Condiment Packet Gallery

Looking for that something extra to help your sandwich taste just a bit better. Check out this collection of over 724 mustard, ketchup, and others package images at this link for the Condiment Packet Gallery.

19 May 2009

Images of Grand Canyon

As I posted last week, I was recently able to visit Grand Canyon, AZ. The experience was a joy. The views, scenery, and hiking are wonderful. The colors and shadows that are created during the day will have you taking photos after photos. I would highly recommend a visit for two or three days. We stayed at one of the hotels in the park which was right on the rim. I hope you will enjoy your visit as much as I did, until then, enjoy these photos I took. To gain more information visit this link for the National Park Service.

Dave, that is what a California Condor really looks like.

Photos of Fire

As some of you know, I serve as a volunteer fire captain in my local city, when I am not designing or teaching. Last Friday morning, we where called to a home on fire. Upon arrival, heavy fire conditions where present. I managed to take a few images from the night. Several of my photos where published on the Firehouse.com site, one of the leading firefighter websites.

14 May 2009

Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight - The Film

Tonight marks the opening of a new documentary, Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight. The film, directed by Wendy Keys for Arthouse Films, looks at the everyday moments of Milton's life. The synopsis for the film is as follows-
For many, Milton Glaser is the personification of American graphic design. Best known for co-founding New York Magazine and the enduring I ♥ NY campaign, the full breadth of Glaser's remarkable artistic output is revealed in this documentary portrait, MILTON GLASER: TO INFORM AND DELIGHT. From newspapers and magazine designs, to interior spaces, logos, and brand identities, to his celebrated prints, drawings, posters and paintings, the documentary offers audiences a much richer appreciation for one of the great modern renaissance men.

I have had the pleasure to spend some time with Milton during a class I took with him at SVA and am excited to see this film very soon. I found Milton to be a designer full of passion, creativity and intellect, an inspirational hero of mine, and a pleasure to be around. I am sure all of this will show through in the film.

Stay turned for additional information about where you can view Milton Glaser - To Inform & Delight at a theatre near you soon!

I also am pleased to announce the makers of Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight are sending me some give aways to give to you, my readers. Look forward to details about my Milton Glaser give away contest very soon!

NASA - Out of This World

NASA launched the space shuttle this week to work on the Hubble Telescope. The images of the astronauts working some 400 miles above us, have been amazing. NASA has an award winning website devoted to Hubble with images, wallpapers, photos of the day, news and activities. All the images are public domain, come in various resolutions and are amazing, so go crazy with them. To view the Hubble website go to this link.