30 March 2011

Saul Bass Posters

Saul Bass is one of the great ones when it comes to poster designs. Take a look at this collection that was on exhibit in London recently devoted to Saul Bass' poster designs and storyboards showing his process.

Homes of The Stars

The LA Times Magazine has put together this collection of 50 vintage postcards of the "Homes of the Stars." It is a nice collection vintage images and architecture. To see all of the 50 postcards, go to this link and pick out your dream house.

Flags and More Flags

In the need of a flag logo or button? If so you will have to check out this link to several sites that offer flag images and logos.

Map Collages by Matthew Cusick

Matthew Cusick is a graduate at Cooper Union that took his artistic skills and blended it with maps to make these amazing images. See more great images at this link at Top Design Magazine. Great work, fun and creative use of found maps and artistic expression.

(via Top Design Magazine)

17 March 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011

To brighten your week and your St. Patrick's Day, I present the Muppets singing "Danny Boy". Enjoy and have a pint for me!!

08 March 2011

Blowing Off Some Steam

The Pacific Island National Park has some outstanding photographs and video of the recent eruptions in Hawaii. Check it out and see the magic and power of the earth.
(photos via NPS)

03 March 2011

A Tour of The Commercial Past

The world of advertising and product promotions gained strength in the 1950's. The times where good, we had won wars in Europe and the South Pacific, the first Beaver was on TV, and the future was looking up. Out of this time came the brands that would become household names. These items are the focus of the Tick Tock Toys website and archive. The site is full of images from the brands of the past, packaging from the past and ads. Food packaging, cereals, candy, ad, and fast food items fill up this website. The collection is wide ranging and well worth the bookmark for inspiration and research. Check it out and see where it all come from.