26 June 2011

Happy Birthday to Milton Glaser

Today marks Milton Glaser's birthday. Milton is my favorite designer, so intelligent and such a nice gentleman. For anyone who has had the priveledge to meet and talk with Milton, I know you feel the same. One this birthday, I would like to wish Milton a wonderful year ahead full of happy times, good meals, and time to do what you enjoy the most.


25 June 2011

Denver Art Museum - DAM Fine Art

A visit to the Denver Art Museum (DAM) was pure joy to the heart and soul. I expected to see an amazing work of architecture by Daniel Libeskind for the Hamilton Building and it was. What I did not expect was the fine collections housed in the Denver Art Museum. The collection had a strong emphasis on Western art from historical to modern. The museum showcased a nice collection of classics and contemporary works. The museum dedicates several areas to design and furniture and is home to the AIGA collection. The design areas are well displayed and reminds me of a visit to the MOMA. A nice surprise are "reading / exploration rooms" throughout the museum. These spaces allow you to relax and look at a book about the subject you just viewed. The museum is also very children friendly with actives and exhibits just for them. The Denver Art Museum was a pleasant surprise just East of the Rockies with a collection that will fill your needs and inspire. When you are in the Denver area, you must put the Denver Art Museum on you must see list. You will love this happy surprise of an art museum.

Arches National Park

This past week, we had the joy of visiting Arches National Park in Moab UT. The park with the largest concentration of natural arches in the world is full sights that amaze. The view of Delicate Arch is pristine and the natural colors of the sandstone takes your breath away. Try to experience the park at sunset for colors that inspire and awe.

17 June 2011

Shea Hembrey - How I became 100 Artist

Have you ever said to yourself, "I know I can do better." Shea Hembrey, an artist from Arkansas, did so and made his own BiAnnual Art Exhibit made up of works of art he created with 100 artist he invented. The TED talk is humorous and has some great work showcased. The talk makes one wonder about all that is the "art world" and how silly it actually is at times.

Spring 2011 Portfolio Show

This week marked the end of another quarter at the Art Institute of California - Orange County where I teach one of the final Portfolio classes. The students presented their years of hard work to the public this last Wednesday at their Portfolio Show. The work was well presented and just as well received. I wish the graduates all the best in their futures as designers and look forward to hearing about the great successes that they achieve. Good luck!!!

16 June 2011

Show Me Mo Money

We could all use some extra cash to help us get away this summer. I would like to showcase Will's Online World Paper Money Gallery as a source for inspiration for your travels or to make some play money for those iou's to friends. The site has a vast collection of bills from around the world with good scans to get your designs going. If you seek out additional resources please follow up with link to an earlier post.

Letters by van Gogh

We all think of Vincent van Gogh for his paintings but taking a look at his life really helps to express his passions and motives. A website van Gogh's Letters - Unabridged has posted Vincent's writings in a searchable format. Included with the letters are sketches that van Gogh completed. If you are looking for some summer reading this is a site worth the bookmark. Enjoy.

08 June 2011

New! Improved! Retro!

In an effort to appeal to us folks that actually lived through the 70's, products are showcasing the past. Retro has been a design trend for a while but has seen a huge boost in the last few months with such major companies as General Mills and Pepsico going old school. The thought behind the retro look is to help their products standout and let us relive time. It appears to be working based on an article recently in the Wall Street Journal. So take a clue from the past, take it retro on your next design. The appeal and response seem to be strong with this never gets old style.

01 June 2011

Beer Revenue Stamps

We think of stamps as a means to send a letter but stamps have also been used as a means to pay taxes on items such as beer. The detail that goes into these stamps no less then would be for postage to show that the tax was paid. See additional beer revenue stamps at this link on Arago.