20 September 2012

Freelance Tip - Get Square

Every once in a while a game changer comes along to make life easier. In our age of technology you would think it would happen more often. The break through to make our business and lives more convenient is Square

Square is a free app and card reader that allows you to accept credit card payments from clients. With one simple secure swipe you can charge the payment due and it will be deposited into your account. The small fee of 2.75% that Square charges for use is well worth the easy and speed. There is no charge if you don't use the service, only when you do, thus no month fees. Now everyone can accept plastic like the big boys. I have used it myself several times and found it to work flawlessly. 

So forget the net 30, get your payments on the spot for your design work and if a friend happens to owe you $20, tell them you accept all major credit cards. 

Be Square and sign up their site at squareup.com.

14 September 2012

World Famous Bush Man

Today's Friday Funny is the World Famous Bush Man from San Francisco. If you have never experienced this gentleman at the Fisherman's Wharf area, put it on you list for a future visit. After doing this since the 1980's, it maybe the longest running performance art going. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Lego Via 1970s

Visit the British Lego Catalogues website to view catalogues from 1971-1976.  Lego have long been a source of inspiration and discovery for children worldwide and these catalogue scans give an interesting perspective on 70s layout.

11 September 2012

9-11 Remembering

(photos: FDNY)

Please view a wonderful tribute by the FDNY to honor the 343 Firefighters that died trying to save many. Let us never forget those that gave all on this day in 2001.