21 July 2010

Bookshelf Porn

Last year we had the Chair Whore, now we have Bookshelf Porn. Bookshelf Porn is a site dedicated to all things bookshelves with images of innovated designs and traditional designs. It is an engrossing look at the many ways we all store our treasuries that call books. Their is nothing better then pulling out an old book and revisiting it; seeing it in new ways, gaining further understandings and seeing where the adventure takes you. I say, stock up and pile up your bookshelves with friends and treasuries.

19 July 2010

Money To Inspire

Last week I blogged about Stamps to Insprire, going with the theme of how countries brand themselves, you should check out this site, Banknotes.com. The site is full of examples of currency from all around the world. Every continent is covered including Antarctica. Who knew money was printed for Antarctia? The site is composed of great images for reference and history. Banknotes.com is definitely worth some exploration for inspiration.

15 July 2010

Stamps to Inspire

I have always found that the art of postage stamps to be an area of massive inspiration as a designer. I see the design of stamps as a representation the times and the goals of countries in how they want their fellow citizens and the world to see them. Social movements, history, current events, culture and propaganda are shown in this smallest of formats that showcase style and design. Karen Horton has set up a Vintage Postage Stamp site on tumbir with some excellent examples for inspiration. Karen also keeps busy as the co-founder of the wonderful design:related website (great inspiration in it's self) and as an Art Director at Little, Brown and Company. Thank you Karen for spreading the word in the design world.

14 July 2010

Happy Bastille Day

France brought us wines, cheese, cuisine, painting, philosophy, painting, photography, a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the TGV, french fries and wonderful architecture to name a few. Today, France celebrates Bastille Day, it national holiday that commemorates the 1790 anniversary of the storming of the Bastille prison. This is seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation of France. I spend what I would consider the best year of my life in this great country where my learning expanded and progressed me into a modern man. Today, to all my French friends and friends of France, I say, merci et viva la France!!

03 July 2010

California Redwoods and the Coast

Today we paid homage to the California Redwoods at Redwood National Park. I have seen the redwoods in the past at Muir Woods outside of SF but see such large groves in Northern California today was amazing. We drove down US101 which goes through many of the redwood groves. The drive is amazing going from the coast to the trees then back again. It is a stimulant for the eyes.

02 July 2010

Olympic National Park, Washington

Yesterday was spend in Olympic National Park after the ferry crossing from Victoria Canada. I had seen images from the area prior to arriving but the greens are so intense in Olympic. The ferns and moss form a carpet of green that is just so rich and amazing. Just when you think nature can not bring any more on, she does in this place of beauty and richness.

01 July 2010

Happy Canada Day

My warmest wishes for a Happy Canada Day. I have spend the last week visiting Canada and found our neighbors to the North to be kind and friendly. So put on your red cloths and have a great day, AH!