31 December 2012

Google Doodles

The creative doodles on the Google homepage always delight but one only sees a small sample as they are unique to your home country. Follow this link to view the 2012 Google Doodles from around the world to see what you have been missing out on.  

Hundred Best Lists of All Time

It's the time of the year for lists; top ten lists, lists of events, list of what happened, lists of what we will do, and lists of lists.  Venture over to The New Yorker for their list of "The Hundred Best Lists of All Time". It is a diverse list of lists that you will surely find interesting.  

21 December 2012

Graphic Design - Now In Production At Hammer

Yesterday I got to visit the Hammer Museum at UCLA to see the Graphic Design - Now in Production exhibit.  Wow, what a wonderful show.  The show reviews and exhibits graphic works that are pure inspiration.  The show ranges from typography to new media and everything in between.  Curated by Andrew Biauvelt from the Walker Art Center and the wonderful Ellen Lupton from the Cooper-Hewitt, they hit a home run in pulling together the wide range of work that we create and presenting in a compelling and informative manner.  

The show runs at the Hammer until January 6, 2013 so you still have time to take it all in.  Make sure you get the catalog from the show which includes articles that are sure to get you thinking.

14 December 2012

Packaging Trash Become A Toy

Problem, how do you turn a package into a toy?  The Athens, Greek design firm Matadog had this problem when designing for a small raisins package. Their task was to put a toy into each box, their solution, make the box a toy.  Start solutions and sustainable in the process.  Read more over at GOOD.

12 December 2012

Happy Gross Day

(The Gross Clinic)

Today marks not only 12/12/12 but also the last "special" Gross Day for a hundred years.  A gross is defined at a dozen dozen, 12 x 12 =144, thus today 12/12 is being declared Gross Day by myself.  I know many fellow Gross' have had their name picked on while growing up but today is our day! Gross Day is a day to remember the many famous and not so famous Gross' out there.  Those that have and continue to make this a better place.  So today I would like to remember Samual D. Gross, a surgeon from Philadelphia who is immortalized in a Thomas Eakins' painting of him in his clinic and has a statue.  This makes him famous in my book.  So say Happy Gross Day to those you know and to those who are fellow Gross'.

11 December 2012

Happy Hanukkah

The holiday season has started and first comes Hanukkah.  Enjoy this video as you light the candles this  year.  Happy Hanukkah and may the miracle of the holiday light your hearts throughout the year.