31 March 2009

Updating Links

I am working on updating my links list. If you have a design or art blog that you feel should be added to my list let me know. Send along an email or add a comment to show me what we are missing out on.

Father Guido Sarducci on Becoming an Artist

I had to get up extra early today (5:45am) to attend a meeting and it had me thinking of this video. I thought being an artist would get me out of this early rising.

30 March 2009

Flying High - Design of Airline Uniforms

Airlines represent glamour, countries, and culture. All of these are well represented at a website by Cliff Muskiet that hosts 819 different stewardess uniforms from 352 airlines. Not only do we get a chance to view current airline wear but many historical designs, patterns, logos and emblems from airlines of the past. This is a delightful collection that will inspire and intrigue. To view the complete collection visit Cliff's website uniformfreak.com.

26 March 2009

Designed for Fire

I attended a firefighter conference last month and found this beautiful antique engine that has been lovingly restored. The engine, a United / Kenworth, was used at the Beverly Hill Fire Department in 1941. This design anew is reflective of autos from the time and of the great progress in design that came about after WWII.

Winter 2009 Portfolio Show

Yesterday marked the end of many years of long studies for many graphic design and advertising students at the Art Institute of California - Orange County at their portfolio show. The final portfolios that they created will be an asset to them as they start out in their careers as designers. I have had the pleasure to get to know them for several courses and wish them all the greatest of success. Remember to be steadfast and passionate about design. I wish the recent grads the best of luck and look forward to hearing great things about their careers as designers.

25 March 2009


What is Kerning? Who is Max Kerning? Learn more at this interactive and humous site, MaxKerning.com

(via Design Observer)

Color Photos From Black and White Photos

How do you make a color photograph before color film is made? You develop the Prokudin-Gorskii Negative. Read all about it here at the Library of Congress exhibition on the subject. A fascinating process in photography.

24 March 2009

NEWS added at The Dieline

The Dieline, the best package design blog, has been making numerous changes over the last several weeks. They first updated the look and feel and organization of information with great success. Now The Dieline has added a NEWS section.

The NEWS section is a one stop location for the latest information related to package design. To date, this seems be working out very well and will allow package designers to keep up on the newest information and trends posted not only on The Dieline but from the various other package design websites and sources that are available.

The founder and editor of The Dieline, Andrew Gibbs, is a friend and former "A" student in my package design classes. Andrew is an excellent example of what all college teachers want, a graduate "doing good". Keep up the great work at The Dieline.

19 March 2009

Fun With Sheep

The good folks of Wales are doing crazy things with sheep and LED lights.
(via SwissMiss)

King of Hearts - Design of El Al Playing Cards

These beautiful playing cards where designed for El Al airlines in the 1970s by illustrator Jean David. Lots more info at the Ministry of Type.

18 March 2009

Army Medical Photo Archive

Check out this huge photo archive from the U.S. Army Medical Museum on Flickr. At this point some 800 images are uploaded and more are to come. This collection is being posted by Mike Rhode, the museum's head archivist. He is doing the postings with the consent of the U.S. Army at this point. Quoted in Wired, "You pay taxes. These are your pictures," Rhode said. "You should be able to see them." Read the article behind the photos at Wired. I hope Mike will be able to continue this valuable assignment with hundreds more images for us to view and learn from in the future.
(via Wired)

16 March 2009

A Park in the Sky

In New York City on the Westside an elevated railway known as the High Line is becoming a park in June. The High Line was build in the 1930's to allow trains to get safely to Chelsea and the Meatpacking districts of Manhattan. In the 1980's the last of the trains used the tracks and in the following years nature began to take over with plants, flowers and trees sprouting up. An idea was born to take this urban blithe and turn it into an urban park. The city of New York finally got behind the project and this June the first 1.5 mile part of the High Line will become a public park. It looks like it will become a wonderful place to stroll, to see the city in a different view and allow the senses to become invigorated. To learn more about the High Line and its progress visit the Friends of the High Line. I look forward to my exploration of the High Line on my next visit to "the city".

(image above by Joel Sternfeld)

Vintage Airline Tags

Enjoy these vintage airline tags for inspiration on your next design.

Sears Tower Getting New Name

Remember when the Willis Tower in Chicago was the tallest building in the world??? Rewrite the books, the Sears Tower is becoming the Willis Tower.

The Sears Tower became famous and a landmark in Chicago. Companies set up offices in the famous building, tourist visited the viewing platform high in the clouds. Hard times have hit the Tower since Sears commissioned the building in 1970. The Sears company sold the building in the 1990s but kept the rights to the name until 2003.

Now the London based insurance company Willis Group Holdings is consolidating its offices into the Tower. The Willis Group Holding will use 140,000 square feet in the 110-story building for 500 workers becoming the largest tenant and getting the rights to name the building, Willis Tower . “Having our name associated with Chicago’s most iconic structure underscores our commitment to this great city, and recognizes Chicago’s importance as a major financial hub and international business center,” Joseph J. Plumeri, chairman and CEO of Willis Group Holdings, said in a release. “We are delighted to be making this bold move and firmly establishing our leading presence in one of the nation’s biggest insurance markets, and it will be wonderful for all our associates to work under one roof.”

I wonder if the Chrysler building in NYC will be next?

(via Chicago Real Estate Daily)