07 July 2009

The Good Design Book

There is new book in the works by Christopher Simmons, a graphic designer, writer, educator, and principal of MINE, located in San Francisco. The book is called The Good Design Book. The book is being put together now and is to showcase designs for critical causes. Christopher is looking to assistance for the visuals of his book. Here is what is written on The Good Design Book website:
We’re looking for the best examples of design work that engages and addresses critical causes. This can include paid or pro bono work for non-profits, political causes, social justice, the arts, education as well as self-initiated projects that support the greater good.

Work can be in any medium — posters, logos, websites, brochures, campaigns, naming/branding, etc. We’re especially interested in systemic and/or programmatic solutions, as well as beautiful artifacts.
There are no submission fees of any sort, so if you think you may have something to contribute, go to this link and get further information on submission guidelines.

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