12 January 2008

Stamp Designs - Eames and Bond

In the upcoming months there are two great series of stamps on design being issues in the US and in the United Kingdom.

The first one is focused on the design greats, Ray and Charles Eames. The USPS will release a series of 16 stamps that showcases their contributions to design. Some of the images includes the Eames lounge and ottoman, the LCW chair, the LTR table, the Stackable Molded Chair and the Eames House in California. Ray and Charles Eames have created some of the most famous mid-century designs and it is wonderful to see them honored with this series of postage stamps. The stamps where designed by Derry Noyes for the USPS and will be for sale over the summer. For further information on the stamps visit the USPS. To learn more about Ray and Charles Eames, visit the Eames Foundation. The Eames Foundation has information on visiting the Eames House, Case Study House #8, which is located just north of Santa Monica, CA and was recently listed as a National Historic Landmark. The visit is worth the short trip if you are in the area.

The second series of stamps is from the Royal Mail, UK to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the James Bond creator, Ian Fleming. The stamps are designed to be extra long to show cover designs for the novels from the first issues in the 1960’s to current editions. The designs are for Casino Royale, Dr. No, Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, For Your Eyes Only and From Russia With Love. The stamps are available from the Royal Mail now and are designed by A2/SW/HK. If you are on that side of the pond let me know, I would love to get a post using the Bond stamps.

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