19 June 2009

Ellen and Julia Lupton on Design Your Life

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure to meet and hear fellow Baltimoreans Ellen Lupton (on right) and her twin sister Julia Lupton (on left) as they presented their newest book, Design Your Life. They spoke on the campus of UCI to an intimate gathering for an hour, co-presenting their book. The talk was entertaining and insightful. They discussed chapters from Design Your Life on such subjects as toasters, bras, office organization, front porches, and flowers. After the talk, the Lupton sisters signed books and mixed with the crowd.

I found Ellen and Julia to be both delightful and authentic. It was nice to meet such happy people, two who enjoy not only their company but those around them. It was a great gathering and I thank the Lupton sisters for sharing with us. I started reading Design Your Life last night and have been savoring each section.


Lupton said...

Thanks for attending our event and bringing your charming students. We recorded a picture of the young people hard at work on their notebooks (see Design Your Life, under "past events"). I hope I'll see all of you again at more Design Alliance events at UCI.

Prêt à Voyager said...

how exciting that you didn't only get to meet one of them, but both of them! love them!