11 June 2009

Billboard Change - Justin Is Out > Edie Is In

I observed this quick change of a local billboard from Justin Timberlake to Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie the other day. I was amazed out how this all happened in around 15 minutes from start to finish. The old billboard is rolled up and the new one rolled out. It got me wondering what happens to the old billboard, is it reused in any fashion? Let me know if you have the take on what happens once you get rolled up.

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Todd Turner said...

I know I'm leaving this comment on a really old post but thought I'd answer your question. Clients can buy billboard space for one month up to several years in some places. Buying one billboard location for an extended amount of time is usually the most expensive way to buy a billboard. The other way is called a rotary program where their vinyl will be moved from one location to another over the course of the contract. About the clients in question, the radio station probably has a rotary program for several months. Showtime probably bought a month because they don't need to promote the premier of a show after it's already premiered. That vinyl probably just got thrown away. Most vinyl is not recyclable, but they can be repurposed for messenger bags, wallets, whatever.