27 February 2009

Jack's Getting Out of The Box

Saw this over at Brand New that Jack in the Box is getting a new logo. See the complete write up at Brand New. Not sure if I am crazy about the change. Its loosing some of that playfulness with the prior logomark. Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

what is actually the big deal with that logo? Besides, the only constant thing is this world is change, right?

oh, hello friend. said...

hm, i am not sure how i feel about the new logo!

it gives me more of an elegant and sit down restaurant feeling which jackinthebox food is anything but. i mean, it's fast food.

i wonder how it will be received. could be another disaster redesign like the baskin robbins logo?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel bad to see them change a logo I grew up with. I hate it, looks like a cheesy diner logo.