17 January 2009

London Tap Water Glass Carafe

The City of London in an effort to promote the consumption of tap water developed a contest to design a new water carafe for use in restaurants. The winning entry was completed by Neil Barron. Neil Barron’s design with its four pouring spouts is ‘drip-free’ and helps to trap ice when pouring. Neil describes his carafe as: “tall, tapered and elegant, yet contemporary like an inverted rocket.”
Environmental campaigner, Tony Juniper, said: “This is a beautiful design. It will serve as an attractive and durable reminder to Londoners that we have a perfectly good source of water flowing through our taps, and how by drinking this instead of bottled water, we can cut down on waste and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Tap Top will be mass manufactured in England in January, ready to sell to the capital’s thousands of restaurants, bars and cafes in Spring 2009.

To read more go to the London on Tap website.

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