31 May 2012

Time Management For Creatives

Do you struggle with the hours in the day to get your projects completed? Are you seeking out those double shot expressos to get you moving? If you are like most of us, the answer would be yes. We don't seem to have enough time to get things done to the creative level we want. To help you with this problem that we all face, is this video by Tony Schwartz recorded at the 99 Percent Conference. Schwartz points out several ways for us to utilize our internal energies to be more productive and creative. One of the key points is getting sleep. He tells us that 97% of us actually need 7-8 hours at a minimum to be at our peaks. Schwartz also speaks of turning off the distractions that invade our lives during those periods where we need to concentrate. The idea of "multi-tasking" during these concentration periods is false. In fact he points out that by succumbing to these distraction, we actually add upwards of 25% more time to completing the task at hand each time we are distracted. I am interesting in learn more of Tony Schwartz's theories and will pass them along in the future.

I hope some of these ideas in the video will allow you to work more efficiently and at a higher level of concentration, thus giving you additional time to refresh. Let me know your thoughts.


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