19 September 2010

Marian Bantjes - An Inspiration of Design

Doing what you love, be inspired and have fun, this is Marian Bantjes. Marian spends her time being creative living outside Vancouver. Marian's work is full of passion and her TED talk will become an inspiration to what you can do with that passion. To view additional work by Marian Banties, go to her site and look for her upcoming publication, I Wonder due out in October. The previews of I Wonder on her site look to make this a wonderful design presentation to look for next month.


Stephanie Dillon said...

Thank you for posting this! I love her closing where she talks about inspiration cross pollinating. Sounds like reason enough the create to me.

Hope you are well Danny!

Daniel Gross said...

Great to hear from you Stephanie. I am doing well still enjoying everyday, well most days. :) Hope all is well on your side and glad you enjoyed the post!