13 August 2009

Take Me To The River

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to the "river" to relax. For those not familiar with the "river", as people in LA say, its the Colorado River between California and Arizona. Having grown up on the east coast and having a river not more than a few miles away, I thought it strange to drive 3-4 hours to go to the river. I had resisted many invites from my firefighter friends but this time the stars lined up and we where off to the river, be it for only one night. The temperatures where hot but the desert is wonderful to see and experience. It is amazing to drive for such a long time and see nothing but desert, nothing. The experience was great and the friends where great. I had survived the "river". To extend our weekend, we stopped at a hotel in the Palms Spring area for a night. The weekend closed out but was great with good friends and time to relax and enjoy life.

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