16 March 2009

Sears Tower Getting New Name

Remember when the Willis Tower in Chicago was the tallest building in the world??? Rewrite the books, the Sears Tower is becoming the Willis Tower.

The Sears Tower became famous and a landmark in Chicago. Companies set up offices in the famous building, tourist visited the viewing platform high in the clouds. Hard times have hit the Tower since Sears commissioned the building in 1970. The Sears company sold the building in the 1990s but kept the rights to the name until 2003.

Now the London based insurance company Willis Group Holdings is consolidating its offices into the Tower. The Willis Group Holding will use 140,000 square feet in the 110-story building for 500 workers becoming the largest tenant and getting the rights to name the building, Willis Tower . “Having our name associated with Chicago’s most iconic structure underscores our commitment to this great city, and recognizes Chicago’s importance as a major financial hub and international business center,” Joseph J. Plumeri, chairman and CEO of Willis Group Holdings, said in a release. “We are delighted to be making this bold move and firmly establishing our leading presence in one of the nation’s biggest insurance markets, and it will be wonderful for all our associates to work under one roof.”

I wonder if the Chrysler building in NYC will be next?

(via Chicago Real Estate Daily)

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