28 January 2010

Getting Creative- #10 Attend a Lecture

We all get wrapped up in our own little boxes and churn out the designs but a way to gain fresh insight is to attend a lecture. As designers we love to talk and we love to talk about what we are doing, have done and then talk some more. This avails us to have the opportunity to go and listen to a fellow designer / artist to talk. Check you local colleges, AIGA and art museums for lists of upcoming guest speakers. Most of these events are low in price or free, in the evenings so they don't take up a ton of time and many are very small and intimate. Over the recent pass I have had the pleasure to hear Ellen and Julia Lupton, John Van Hamersveld, Andrew Christou, and Jon Gothold speak. You will find out new information, make some friends and enjoy this profession we call design.

Get your creative mojo going tomorrow night by coming to hear the fabulous Debbie Millman speak at AICA-OC. More details are available at this link.

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