19 May 2014

Moving to Tumblr

We have posted on this blog for many years but have decided to move over the Tumblr format. Tumblr has many "nice" advantages at this point so we will be posting future information at this new home. Please continue to utilize the 100's of articles in the blog and look for future news on our Tumblr feed. Thank you for following and we look forward to see you in this new world we will be creating. ANEW DESIGNS on Tumblr.

06 February 2014

Apple Mac Font

To celebrate Apple's 30th anniversary, they have produced this cool font that consists of every Mac ever made. Click on this link to DesignTaxi to download.

28 January 2014

I Wish I'd Done That

"I wish I'd done that" is a series of short videos by D&AD I am sure we have all at some point said, "I wish I'd done that". Watch and enjoy.

21 November 2013

Why Your Critics Aren't The Ones Who Count

One of the best talks out there is this one by Brené Brown on "Why your critics aren't the ones who count". Watch it and see why Brené will inspire you.


 PS Brené, I now have a new crush. Your talk was beautiful.

08 October 2013

Interactive Advertising

A very interesting video on the world of interactive advertising from Adobe that was recently presented Digital Publishing Summit.

11 September 2013

Never Forget

Let us remember those who lost their lives this September 11, 2001 and those who bravely risk it all to save others.  NEVER FORGET.

28 August 2013

Telling a Story

One of the best and most effective ways to get our ideas a crossed is through storytelling.  It is something we are often afraid of approaching but one of our most effective tools.

Fast Company has an excellent article that addresses this subject titled, Once Upon a Time at the Office: 10 Storytelling Tips to Help You Be More Persuasive.  From the article I pulled this paragraph that helps to sum things up:
“People are always telling stories; why don’t they do it at work? It’s because they have been taught that at work you use logic and slides and statistics; this seems more professional. Telling stories seems too emotional and possibly manipulative. So people stick to facts and numbers. But the truth is that real emotions always work better, because that is the way to reach hearts and minds, and also people get to see the real you. It’s authentic.” 

It is a great read and will help you to sell your next great idea.

04 August 2013

A Magical Tour of European Architecture

NIGHTVISION from Luke Shepard on Vimeo.

Enjoy this wonderful journey through Europe at night created by Luke Shepard.
Nightvision is a celebration of the brilliance and diversity of architecture found across Europe. Over the course of three months I journeyed with a friend through 36 cities in 21 countries with the ambition of capturing some of the greatest European structures in a new and unique way. Comprised of thousands of carefully taken photographs, strung together and stabilized in post-production, Nightvision aims to inspire appreciation for these man-made landmarks. Nightvision would not have been possible without my Kickstarter backers, the support of the American University of Paris community, everyone who helped along the way, and of course, those who designed and built these architectural masterpieces.
(via Pret a Voyager) Thanks Anne

13 June 2013

Lessons of Steve Jobs

This is a very interesting TED talk by Guy Kawasaki on what he learned by working with Steve Jobs over the years. Guy delivers great ideas on how to manage, how to grow and how to become more successful.

09 May 2013

08 May 2013

Google Does Saul Bass

Today, Google honored the birthday of the legendary designer, Saul Bass with a Google Doodle Video.  Thank you Google for honoring design.

23 April 2013

Movie Posters - More of the Same

Does this week's new movie poster look much like last week's?  Well, yes of course.  Take a look at this link that shows the common styles that seem to get used over and over complied by Christophe Courtois.

(via GeekTyrant)

Logo Design Tips

Refer to the great little article over at Creative Bloq for 40 tips on creating a logo.  A good reference guide to keep you on point during the process.

Be well, design well.

05 April 2013

Typoretum: A Letterpress Workshop

Typoretum: A Letterpress Workshop from Jamie Murphy on Vimeo.

Justin Knopp runs a small design and letterpress operation called Typoretum in Essex, England. I have been following Justin and his excellent work for sometime and this wonderfully shot video shows his operation in action. Keeping the craft of printing alive by adding the passion for letterforms and design is what Justin does so well and makes it all look so easy. Enjoy this video to show you how a craftsman creates work that inspires and sparks a love for all things type.

Justin host workshop on the art of printing and letterpress at his studio if you are in the area. To learn more and to view more of Justin's work, visit his site Typoretum.

14 February 2013

George Lois

2012/11 George Lois from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

If you can judge a man by the covers he has created, George Lois will stand out.  George Lois put the iconic into Esquire magazine covers during the sixties and seventies.  Best know for creating iconic images that brazed newsstands, Mr. Lois also took advertising into a direction anew.  Know for creating work that is controversial and thought provoking, he designed for the times of our society.

The video above from a recent Creative Mornings talk shows George Lois presenting this work at the Met.  This presentation is wonderful and allows him to comment and give insight to many of his more famous covers.

To see more of George Lois' work, visit his website. On the site are various projects including many of his Esquire covers explained, campaigns and logo work plus info and links about the 10 books he has put together over his long career.

(Many, many thanks to Tina Roth Eisenberg for developing Creative Mornings and posting the many videos from around the world of these wonderful speakers. You rock Tina.)

03 February 2013


The newest and hottest app has to be Vine.  The app for iPhone and iPad lets you record 6 second videos and share them.  It is Instagram but video and it is every fun.  The app has been out but a week now and is blowing up.  I have been playing with for a few days and loving every 6 seconds of it.  Fun, simple and entertaining, Vine lets you venture into the world of video sharing on a whole new level. You can find your friends, follow and share your life in video.

Download the app.  You can follow me at Daniel Gross and to see the power of this app, follow the actor Adam Goldberg.  His shorts are killing it.

Happy videoing with Vine.

01 February 2013

The 1849 Connection to Football

This Sunday is the Super Bowl between the Ravens and the 49ers.  The 49ers are named after the gold miners that came to California in 1849.  The Ravens are named after Edgar Allan Poe's famed poem, The Raven.  Poe died in Baltimore in 1849.  Thus the connection to 1849 in history to two modern football teams.

Now the Raven will win this Sunday. The Ravens, after all, have a MUCH better logo design and branding then the 49ers, so we will leave it with that alone.  Enjoy the game and commercials, I know I will.  Go Ravens!

18 January 2013

The NEW American Airlines

American Airlines has just introduced a new look.  This new look designed by Futurebrand replaces the iconic symbol designed by Massimo Vignelli in 1968.  The new look was designed to promote the airlines passion for progress and soaring spirit.  In addition to the above videos, you can see more at American Airlines site.

(via DesignTaxi)

15 January 2013

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today marks 84 years ago that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born. Taken from us all much too early at the age of 39, the rights and freedoms that we all enjoy owe a great thanks to his vision and passion. Dr. King who as a principal force in the civil rights movement thought us to respect each other and to see a future where human rights for all could take precedence. A master at speaking, his voice could reach out and touch us deep in our soul. The world would have been greater had Dr. King not been murdered for his passionate goals of civil rights for all. To learn more of this great man, visit The King Center.

08 January 2013

David Kelley - IDEO - 60 Minutes

 I hope you got a chance to view the wonderful interview of designer David Kelley, founder of IDEO last Sunday on 60 Minutes (See Video Below).  This video above gives a little further insight to him and his home from 60 Minutes Overtime.

03 January 2013

Emancipation Proclamation Stamp

The USPS has released a stamp to commemorate the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln signing the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863.  The stamp was designed by Gail Anderson with the great Hatch Show Prints utilized to help with the typesetting. 

Renowned graphic designer Gail Anderson partnered with art director Antonio Alcalá to design the stamp.  It prominently features the phrase, “Henceforward Shall Be Free,” which is taken from the historic document. It also notes Abraham Lincoln’s name and the year the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. 
Anderson, known for her term as senior art director at Rolling Stone magazine and design of Broadway play posters, revels in making typography from old forms. To evoke the look of posters from the Civil War era, she tapped Hatch Show Print of Nashville, TN, to produce the Emancipation Proclamation stamp.  Established in 1879, Hatch is one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America and employs the motto, “preservation through production.”
The stamp is a great typographic design to honor this great moment. To view and purchase the stamp online visit this link. 

31 December 2012

Google Doodles

The creative doodles on the Google homepage always delight but one only sees a small sample as they are unique to your home country. Follow this link to view the 2012 Google Doodles from around the world to see what you have been missing out on.  

Hundred Best Lists of All Time

It's the time of the year for lists; top ten lists, lists of events, list of what happened, lists of what we will do, and lists of lists.  Venture over to The New Yorker for their list of "The Hundred Best Lists of All Time". It is a diverse list of lists that you will surely find interesting.  

21 December 2012

Graphic Design - Now In Production At Hammer

Yesterday I got to visit the Hammer Museum at UCLA to see the Graphic Design - Now in Production exhibit.  Wow, what a wonderful show.  The show reviews and exhibits graphic works that are pure inspiration.  The show ranges from typography to new media and everything in between.  Curated by Andrew Biauvelt from the Walker Art Center and the wonderful Ellen Lupton from the Cooper-Hewitt, they hit a home run in pulling together the wide range of work that we create and presenting in a compelling and informative manner.  

The show runs at the Hammer until January 6, 2013 so you still have time to take it all in.  Make sure you get the catalog from the show which includes articles that are sure to get you thinking.

14 December 2012

Packaging Trash Become A Toy

Problem, how do you turn a package into a toy?  The Athens, Greek design firm Matadog had this problem when designing for a small raisins package. Their task was to put a toy into each box, their solution, make the box a toy.  Start solutions and sustainable in the process.  Read more over at GOOD.

12 December 2012

Happy Gross Day

(The Gross Clinic)

Today marks not only 12/12/12 but also the last "special" Gross Day for a hundred years.  A gross is defined at a dozen dozen, 12 x 12 =144, thus today 12/12 is being declared Gross Day by myself.  I know many fellow Gross' have had their name picked on while growing up but today is our day! Gross Day is a day to remember the many famous and not so famous Gross' out there.  Those that have and continue to make this a better place.  So today I would like to remember Samual D. Gross, a surgeon from Philadelphia who is immortalized in a Thomas Eakins' painting of him in his clinic and has a statue.  This makes him famous in my book.  So say Happy Gross Day to those you know and to those who are fellow Gross'.

11 December 2012

Happy Hanukkah

The holiday season has started and first comes Hanukkah.  Enjoy this video as you light the candles this  year.  Happy Hanukkah and may the miracle of the holiday light your hearts throughout the year.