31 January 2010

Debbie Millman Week - Speaking Event

On Friday evening at the Art Institute of California - Orange County in conjunction with the Orange County chapter of AIGA, Debbie Millman gave a presentation titled, "Why We Brand, Why We Buy". Debbie's talk was a combination of brands, science and history brought together to help explain modern branding and consumer actions given with passion and enthusiasm. The talk was an excellent presentation that felt more like a graduate lecture which was fresh and informative. If you expect a show and tell presentation look at Sterling's website, this lecture informed, elated, and left me thinking more about how what we do ties all together. Debbie's presentation discusses how we think and group together, how trademarks developed and how technology and society join to make brands a reflection of the times. Debbie's talk is one that should not be missed and showcases how design is something that solves a problem and reflects the needs of our clients.

After the lecture, a mixer event was hosted nearby where Debbie signed books. Debbie is so gracious, intelligent and generous. I truly cherished my moments speaking with her and getting to know this wonderful designer, educator and leader. I look forward to meeting and hearing her speak again soon. If you have the chance to catch Debbie Millman speaking, do it, you will not be disappointed, I was far surpassed in my expectations of a typical speaking event.

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