04 October 2009

The Impossible Project - Bringing Back Polaroid

Polaroid got out of the instant film business in 2008 with Polaroid lovers snatching up the remaining film from the market quickly. Now a new business venture is underway, The Impossible Project, to bring instant film back. The Impossible Project is reworking instant film for production from an old Polaroid factory in the Netherlands. The name, The Impossible Project, came about due to the goal of getting the film redesigned with modern chemical means and completing the redesign to start selling in one year. The goal of January 2010 was set and progress seems to be heading towards a "new" instant film to the market at this time. So hang in there all you instant film lovers, a "new Polaroid" instant film is coming. To see and read more about the Impossible Project, go to this link.

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