30 October 2009

Art & Copy Showing at AICA-OC

The film Art & Copy will be showing at the Art Institute of California - Orange County on Friday, November 6, 2009. This showing / event will be free and is sponsored by the AICA-OC student chapter of AIGA, AIGA-OC and the Art Institute. The evening starts off at 4:30 with the film showing at 5 pm. After the film, a round table discussion will take place with "mad men" ad creatives and a producer of the film. The evening should be a great event.

Seating is limited to 300, so reserve your tickets now. To reserve tickets (limit of two), please email full names, email address, number of tickets, and your job title / position to aiga-oc@live.com.

I look forward to seeing you on Friday for a great film and conversation.


Wilfredo Merced said...

are you sure its the 11th. I checked my callender and the 11th lands on a wed.

Daniel Gross said...

Wilfredo, you are right, I put down the wrong day. The correct date is Nov. 6th. I have fixed the blog post. Thanks for the catch.