07 October 2009

Eliana Burki - Playing a Funky Alpenhorn

Take a Alpenhorn and a pretty Swiss girl add in some Jazz, Rock and Funk and you get sweet music. When we think of the Alpenhorn, a curved wooden horn, sometimes as long as 20 feet, used by herders in the Alps to call cows to pasture, we usually think of those Ricola commercials. Not this time, Eliana Burki who at a early age started playing music some how transitioned to the Alpenhorn and has not looked back. I became aware of Eliana through Twitter. Her first album was released (you can hear clips at her website) and now she is in LA working on her second. The music is unique, passionate and full of life. To learn more about Eliana Burki, check out her website with music, pictures and tour information. And Eliana, if you need a graphic designer for your next album, let me know, I will swing over to your recording session in Hollywood. Good luck with the second album and look for more from this unique band in future.

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