25 November 2008

New Gatorade Design

Finally a nice design update to the beverage market. After the "new" Pepsi look, which I saw in the store today, that looks more like a housebrand then a leader in the beverage market, Gratorade got something right. The "G" branding with the traditional bolt of lighting which has represented Gatorade for many years are branded nicely and give the bottles a fresh and current design.

I only have one problem that I still feel needs to be addressed. The bottles are designed with a recessed plastic "grip" on the multi-sided bottles. When the bottles sit in ice they tend to fill up with water in the recessed area behind the label. Then the water drips everywhere while you are drinking. Can't Gatorade solve this bottle design problem? Give me a chance and I know I could work out a creative solution. Nice update with the labels, but how about the bottles next?

(image via The DieLine)


Anonymous said...

The Gatorade bottles have this "paneling" on the sides because of the way they are filled. The paneling aids in bottle strength and helps to avoid it being "sucked in" after filling. There are a few packaging issues that would have to be addressed before they could just be removed.

Daniel Gross said...

Thank you for filling in this information. I still believe this issue could be solved. After all, solving problems is what design should do. I mean after all, my Coke bottle does not have this "leaking" issue and we have the technology to put a man on the moon. Someday I hope this issue can be solved and we will all have dry laps. Thank you again for helping to solve this problem that continues to bug me.