28 October 2008

Pepsi Logo A Go-Go

It is final, Pepsi is changing its logo to this new "smile". I am not sure I see the smile and I think it cheapens the brand and looks more like a store brand. I am sure we will hear more as it is released on products the end of this year or early next. Read more about this change at the dieline.com, brand new, and this site that has a promo film released by Pepsi for the new logo. So what do you think of this change?


Steph said...

i have to agree, it seems to cheapen the brand. even the concept of the smile seems less...pepsi

Mr. Elliott said...

Looks sloppy to me...the white shape created within the logo (the smile I guess) looks much less than elegant, not a harmonious relationship between the two shapes if you ask me.

Nice post though, first I heard of this.