24 November 2008

Rembrandt in Southern California

Last week while visiting the Getty Museum in LA I felt diminutive while looking at several Rembrandts. I have seen painting by Rembrandt as I have travelled the world in NYC, London, Amsterdam, Paris, DC and Jerusalem and every time I view one I am amazed. The details that he has painted are phenomenal. Rembrandt was able to capture the skin, the whiskers, the eyes, life itself. When you view them, they feel as if you are looking at a photo. Then you think and realize these are painting that are almost 400 years old. I stood in awe and stared.

There is a great website devoted to Rembrandt paintings in SoCal. If you are in the area, make the rounds and see these amazing works. I know you will stand in awe as I do every time I have the honor to see a Rembrandt in person.

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