08 July 2009

Read Between The Leading

Get your passions going and learn more about our craft from the podcasts of Read Between The Leading. RBTL is the brain child of Aaron Heth and Matt McInerney, two passionate design students at the Savannah College of Art & Design.
"Because we love design, and talking about design so much, we thought we’d give the audio world a try. We try to record three or four episodes per month."
To date they have recorded twenty episodes which can be heard on their site, Read Between The Leading or downloaded to your computer as a podcast. The two, Aaron and Matt, are both informative and entertaining. They cover such topics as typography, interview designers, discuss design books, websites, design events, studios, and of course good and not so good design. You can follow Aaron and Matt on twitter at @rbtlshow and Typoholism.com which is a single serving twitter app. It searches twitter for the hashtag #typoholism and displays it on this page. Make sure you download a podcast or listen to episodes at the RBTL site. I know you will enjoy these two up and coming designers. Keep up the great work Aaron and Matt!

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