23 June 2009

Signs - Pentagram Paper 39

Pentagram just released number 39 in the Papers series, SIGNS. It focuses on the plight of the many homeless we have in our country. SIGNS was designed by DJ Stout from the Austin office. These signs used by the homeless is described by Pentagram as follows.
"These naked forms of self-expression have unintentionally become some of the most basic, raw and compelling examples of graphic communication in our society today."
These signs show the struggles that life presents, reminds us all of how close we all are at times to that struggle, and our societies need to eliminate this struggle. The homeless situation in America has numerous causes from pure economic to addiction to physical and mental health issues. I am glad that a design agency with such influence has the courage to help raise awareness of these issues.

From the Pentagram site:
Our Austin office recently launched the publication of SIGNS with a benefit that raised $5000 to help feed the homeless. We hope that you find Ely’s essay and the photographs of O’Brien and Ford as moving as we do and we encourage you to join us in supporting one of the charities listed here or a local one of your choice.
Let us hope that much more is raised not only in the case of dollars but also in the awareness and solutions for the homeless situations.

To view the digital version of Pentagram Papers 39 please visit the site that was set up at this link.

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