26 June 2009

Happy Birthday Milton Glaser

Happy 80th Birthday Milton Glaser! I had the pleasure to learn from him two years ago at a summer course given at SVA. I found Milton to be the ultimate teacher, designer, illustrator and a true inspiration. I take the wisdom and passion that I have learned from Milton and use it daily. A few times in the course of life we find someone who inspires us along, who challenges us to reach for greater heights, Milton is one of those leaders. When you meet Milton you learn about his love for art, design and life. He is a great thinker and philosopher, a man full of vigor and zest. I thank Milton for all that he has done to help the design community, for passing along his wisdom about art and life, for his passion and caring and most of all for the beautiful work he has created over these years. Happy Birthday Milton!

To view more and learn more go to MiltonGlaser.com.


Joshua Sheng said...

Happy Birthday to Milton... and to me! We share the same birthday.

HMK said...

Happy Birthday Sir! Thanks for everything!