25 February 2009

Wide Load - Panoramic Photographs

I just love photographs, new and old, little and large, narrow and wide. For large wide panoramic photographs, the Library of Congress has a great collection. The Panoramic Photographs Collection contains around 4000 images from all fifty states and many foreign countries. The collection is composed of images from 1851 to 1991 and covers landscapes, cities, bridges, fairs, military activities, transportation, sports and schools. These panoramas average between twenty-eight inches and an amazing six feet in length, with an average width of ten inches. The images are available in jpeg format and as high resolution tiffs. The images are wonderful with details of times past with blimps, horses, old planes and more. Review the images and see the craft of those before us in the art of panoramic photographs. To view the collection follow this link to the Library of Congress.

1 comment:

Prêt à Voyager said...

i always mean to take panoramics when i travel (i even like the spliced look), but i never actually end up doing it. thanks for the inspiration!