18 February 2009

Rock, Paper, Scissor

Rock, Paper, Scissor - The rules are simple-
1. The Game is played where the players substitute the three elements of Rock, Paper and Scissors with representative hand signals.

2. These hand signals are delivered simultaniously by the players

3. The Outcome of play is determined by the following

Rock wins against Scissors,
Scissors wins against Paper
Paper wins against Rock

These are are official rules from the World RPS Society. Yes, there is a society for Rock, Paper, Scissor. The World RPS Society hosts a world championship contest, you can learn advance techniques in RPS, and order the above posters or a t-shirt on the site. The graphics for the RPS are wonderful Constructivism with a modern twist.
And if that was not enough fun, there is a film being released Rock Paper Scissors: The Documentary. It will be shown at an upcoming film festival in the San Jose area. To learn more about film check out the website and watch the trailer below.