09 February 2009

Michael Bierut - Notebooks and T-Squares

Michael Bierut, partner at Pentagram and Design Observer editor, has written about 26 years of keeping notebooks. Over the years he has amassed 85 National Blank Book Company composition books. Read about it here.

I feel that all designers need to come up with a system to keep track of ideas and notes. I have been using Moleskines myself for the last several years and can't imagine leaving home without it. I use the 3.5" x 5.5" plain sketchbook version. The books are extremely well made and durable over time. My books are full of things I think would be great concepts (sometimes looking back they turn out not to be that great), books I see that I would like to pick up, sketches of ideas, websites that get my juices flowing, notes from client meetings, notes to remind me of what I should have or need to do, miscellaneous phone numbers or addresses, etc. Get yourself a system and use it, be it a National Blank Book Company composition book, a Moleskine or a sketchbook. You will find it illuminating with time. To see a collection of artist's sketchbooks check out this site. My friend Mike Tracy can also be found over at this link with his sketchbooks.
(photo via Chester Higgins Jr/New York Times)
Michael also has an article in the New York Times this last weekend talking about how design has changed from his early days of using a T-Square to get the work done until today's digital age. Read about it here.

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