02 October 2008

Stamps of Israel

It was 60 years ago that modern Israel was founded in 1948 and this week marks the Jewish New Year of 5769. In honor of this I wanted to review a few stamps that Israel has created over the past few years. This first stamp is in celebration of the 60th anniversary. The stamp shows a child making a 60 out of a ribbon. The design is creative and shows the youthful spirit that is Israel. You can feel the movement created in this image.

The International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Holocaust is shown through this wonderful graphic of barbwire and a flower. The design is simple and powerful of the slogan, Remembrance and Beyond. Let us never forget.

Israel is a progressive country yet understanding of it's rich history. These additional stamps show some of this tradition and look towards the future. Shana Tova.

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