02 October 2008

Banana Paper

Looking for a new notepad or sketchbook in the near future? Looking to buy something that helps save a tree and uses water based inks in the process? I have found the answer at Banana Paper. This small company located in Costa Rica uses recycled material from bananas and coffee plants to produce its products.

Since 1992, TNF Eco Papers – well known in Costa Rica as “ The Banana Paper Company ” – has produced fine environmental, tree-free, acid-free, eco natural paper and paper products from natural fibers, such as Banana, coffee, pine apple, and other exotic tropical agro industrial wastes. All of our processes and raw materials to make our Banana Paper products are Earth friendly, converting agricultural by-products and post-consumer natural paper into state of the art paper stationery, including banana paper notebooks, banana paper pads, banana paper envelopes, and other fine banana paper gift products, which are manufactured in total harmony with nature.

Check out Banana Papers at this link to go earth friendly with your stationary needs.


rocio said...

OOoh! They're well designed, cheap to buy AND good for the environment! I'm in!

Andrea said...

Start making grocery bags, and reusable bags and we'll buy tons. I represent a grocery store chain in Venezuela that wants to eliminate plastic bags.

Andrea Adams

Daniel Gross said...

Andrea, I would recommend you contact the Banana Paper company (http://www.thebananapapercompany.com/) directly and see if they have something in the works. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend http://www.ecopaper.com.

I bought from bananapaper company before and my son ripped off the back on one of their products and it said ecopaper.com which doesn't seem to be affiliated with them. Seems sketchy.

Anyway, ecopaper has great products and they're great. Again recommend checking those out.