06 October 2008

Photos of Chernobyl

On the 26th of April 1986 shortly after midnight, reactor No. 4 in the Ukrainian town of Chernobyl experienced an explosion and caused a meltdown. This nuclear reactor accident is far the worst in the history of using nuclear power as an energy source. The town was evacuated and everything was left as it was that day. Today you can visit this town again for $225 each if you bring a friend. The tour states:

-The tour participant is provided with special clothes and footwear, and respiration masks.
-On entering and leaving the 30-kilometer zone, the participant undergoes a radioactivity testing and is given an official computer-generated printout.
-For the time of the tour, the participants is given an individual radiation dosimeter; personal dosimeters are also allowed.
-Taking pictures and shooting video during the tour IS permitted.

You can see the results of this horrible accident and a glimpse of life in the USSR as it was 22 years ago. Alexandr Vikulov took the above photos during his tour and the results are a wonderful series of images that can be view at this link. Pack your bag and camera, it definitely should be different.

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