18 September 2008

Vintage Paperback Covers

This site is full of images from vintage paperbacks that are broken down into sections by artist, author, publisher and genre. The covers are an amazing glimpse of the times from the 40s thru the 60s. Paperbacks where cheap and sex has always sold, so you can see how these two elements come together to grab your attention. The genres that are covered range from drug theme paperbacks (I guess the war on drugs has been going on for a long time now) to hillbilly covers to science fiction covers to sleaze paperbacks. These covers make a great examination into type, image and colors from these periods. Click around and see these covers at www.vintagepbks.com

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monique said...

Every March there is a Vintage Paperback Collectors Show in Mission Hills. I went to it this year and was really amazed by all the covers! We got this book: http://www.amazon.com/Sin-Rama-Sleaze-Paperbacks-Sixties/dp/1932595058 and have started collecting some of the actual books out of that. Some of the artists are hard to find info about especially since most used different names.
Great link!