11 September 2008

Remembering September 11th

It was seven years ago today that a group of radicals used jets as a means to kill thousands of US citizens. Since that tragic day our world has changed. I remember that day clearly and I am sure most of us do. I remember seeing on TV the replays of the jets flying in the WTC and the Pentagon. I remember seeing those running away with terror on their faces while NY's bravest the FDNY walked into that hell at the towers. I remember thinking to myself that I did not think the towers would fall.

I took the over photos on one of my trips to the WTC. I had visited the WTC on many occasions over the years growing up on the East coast. I remember going to the top and the beautiful view. I remember looking up in the sky to the towers when I would exit the subway to get my bearings on which way was south in Manhattan.

I remember seeing the broadcast of the twin towers falling Live on CNN. I remember my heart sinking and the fear of the unknown. I remember people searching for loved ones and the photos of the missing. I remember learning some of the names from the 343 FDNY firefighter that died. I remembered that I had the honor to hear several of the 343 firefighters who died speak at firefighter conferences years prior. I remember hearing Battalion Chief Ray Downey speak on rescue techniques and leadership.

I remember the days waiting and hoping that survivors would be found. I remember wishing I was there to help with the search in someway. I remember. I remember. I remember.

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