28 January 2014

I Wish I'd Done That

"I wish I'd done that" is a series of short videos by D&AD I am sure we have all at some point said, "I wish I'd done that". Watch and enjoy.


Hazel Donovan said...
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Nayeem said...

Great illusion & it was quite inspirational,,thanks for the sharing...

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Anonymous said...

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Yanira Morrison said...

In my opinion, the "I wish I'd done that" video series by D&AD sounds like an interesting and potentially inspiring collection of short videos. The concept of looking at creative work and feeling a sense of awe or admiration, while also feeling a sense of regret for not having thought of it first, is relatable to many people who work in creative fields.

The series presents an opportunity for viewers to appreciate and learn from the work of others, while also sparking ideas and inspiration for their own creative projects. It's always valuable to see the work of others and consider how it was created and what made it successful, as this can inform and enhance one's own creative process.

Furthermore, the fact that these are short videos makes them easily digestible and accessible to anyone with an interest in creativity. It's a great way to showcase a range of different creative fields and styles, and expose viewers to new and innovative ideas.

Overall, I think this video series is a great initiative by D&AD and a valuable resource for anyone interested in creativity and design. I look forward to watching and potentially discovering new sources of inspiration.

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