28 August 2013

Telling a Story

One of the best and most effective ways to get our ideas a crossed is through storytelling.  It is something we are often afraid of approaching but one of our most effective tools.

Fast Company has an excellent article that addresses this subject titled, Once Upon a Time at the Office: 10 Storytelling Tips to Help You Be More Persuasive.  From the article I pulled this paragraph that helps to sum things up:
“People are always telling stories; why don’t they do it at work? It’s because they have been taught that at work you use logic and slides and statistics; this seems more professional. Telling stories seems too emotional and possibly manipulative. So people stick to facts and numbers. But the truth is that real emotions always work better, because that is the way to reach hearts and minds, and also people get to see the real you. It’s authentic.” 

It is a great read and will help you to sell your next great idea.

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