12 December 2012

Happy Gross Day

(The Gross Clinic)

Today marks not only 12/12/12 but also the last "special" Gross Day for a hundred years.  A gross is defined at a dozen dozen, 12 x 12 =144, thus today 12/12 is being declared Gross Day by myself.  I know many fellow Gross' have had their name picked on while growing up but today is our day! Gross Day is a day to remember the many famous and not so famous Gross' out there.  Those that have and continue to make this a better place.  So today I would like to remember Samual D. Gross, a surgeon from Philadelphia who is immortalized in a Thomas Eakins' painting of him in his clinic and has a statue.  This makes him famous in my book.  So say Happy Gross Day to those you know and to those who are fellow Gross'.

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