27 October 2011

A Thermostat for Today - Nest

Today homes need today's technology and this is where Nest comes to play. Founded by Tony Fadell who, back in the day, was in charge of the iPod at Apple, has developed and designed a thermostat that learns and saves you energy. The beautiful design is smart, easy to use and will save you energy. Nest found it "unacceptable... that the device that controls 10 percent of all energy consumed in the U.S. hadn't kept up with advancements in technology and design."

According to the U.S. Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, the annual energy bill for a typical single-family home is approximately $2,200, with heating and cooling (HVAC) accounting for approximately half of the bill. The programmable thermostat, developed in the 1970s, promised to help people conserve energy, but 89 percent of owners rarely or never set a program (source: ACEEE, 2010). The devices are simply too complicated. In fact, Energy Star revoked its certification of all thermostats in 2009 when it became apparent that people weren't actually engaging with programmable thermostats to reach their proper functionality.

Nest addresses the programming problem through a combination of sensors, algorithms, machine learning, and cloud computing. Nest learns behaviors and preferences and adjusts the temperature up or down accordingly, making you comfortable when you're home and saving energy while you're away. Nest also provides people with tips and information to help them make energy-saving choices.
This is an excellent example of how design and function can come together to create a product the improves our lives. To read more visit the Nest site.

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