27 October 2011


We all want to be "do gooders" and here is your chance at 52x52. Designed / developed by Jessica Hische this site allows you to give to charities at a dollar or less per week.
We’re not a charity, we’re a group of people committed to helping others. Every week, 52x52.org will highlight a different charity and call on you, those willing and happy to help others, to donate directly to that charity. Don’t feel like donating to one of the featured charities for whatever reason? No problem. Donate to a cause you love. The charities we’ll feature will be suggestions and since we are not collecting any money, you’re free to donate to whomever you wish. We’re a messenger, not a middle-man. If $52 is too much for you to commit to give, donate $25. If $25 is too much, donate $10. Give whatever you can, each and every week for one year, and together we will make a giant difference.
52x52.org has just begun gathering names of those pledging to help others. We’ll begin highlighting charities in November, so sign up now. If you don’t pledge by the initial launch date, no worries, pledge your own 52 weeks. It doesn’t matter when you start as long as you commit to finish.

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