29 September 2010

The Royal Opera House Logo Redo

I am a lover of history and context. I truly appreciate it when both are considered in a redesign such as this branding for The Royal Opera House in England. I saw this recent post first at The Ministry of Type hosted by the wonderful Aegir Hallmundur with references to a write up over at the great Brand New by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit.

The older version of the Royal Opera House logo used a wood cut crest along with Caslon as a typeface. The modern update has redrawn the crest to tighten up the image and Gotham has replaced Caslon as the typeface. This revision was completed by London-based SomeOne, who worked with master engraver Christopher Wormell to update the crest. I believe this update shows the modern progress of the Royal Opera House but is sensitive to its historical background. Looking at the Royal Opera House's website, you can see its rich tradition of performance arts for a modern world. Tradition is still alive in the world of performance and the Royal Opera House is leading the way.

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