11 September 2010

Remembering 9-11 - Nine Years Later

For many, the day seems like just yesterday, for others, it is starting to fade from memory. This day, September 11, 2001 changed the modern world in ways did not think of nine years ago. On that tragic day we lost 3,000+ people. Since that day we have started two wars, thousands other have died in serve to our country, millions have been effected from everyday life such as boarding a jet to having love ones abroad serving in the military. Let us not forget how this single day changed the world, let us not forget the 343 brave firefighters from the FDNY plus the many others from the NYPD who ran in to horror to save lives, let us not forget.

The 9-11 Memorial is being build in NYC and slated to finish for next year's 10th year of memorial. The 9-11 Memorial has a site up that is very informative of this day and well worth a visit. They also have created a iPhone app, areas for all of us to contribute our memories and even submit artwork inspired by this tragic day. Please check out the 9-11 Memorial site and let us not forget how this days events changed more then just the skyline of New York City.

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