04 November 2009

The Writing Is On The Walls - IdeaPaint

Spread out and let your creative ideas flow with this innovative product, IdeaPaint. IdeaPaint is the only paint out there designed to allow you to paint a surface and turn it into a dry erase board. Once you see IdeaPaint in action your mind will go crazy with all that you can do by turning all most any surface into a dry erase board. Your dry erase board can take on any shape that your wall or surface covers. The paint was formulated to work with all dry erase markers and allow you to erase no matter how long it sits. From a cost stand point, IdeaPaint is cheaper then a standard dry erase board, so easy to install (you just pick up a paint brush and roller) thus no drilling required.

The packaging design was done by the design firm, Jones. I love the design and believe it helps to emphasize the product's ease of use and the modern thinking that IdeaPaint will spark.

To learn more about IdeaPaint and to get a gallon, go to their website at this link. I am inspired and can think of several uses. I hope to get my hand on some soon and try IdeaPaint out myself.

1 comment:

Steph said...

This is really cool! Give us an update on how well it works out. And yes, the packaging is quite nice.